See below for info on how to apply. Rigorous criteria and standards are applied in a jury process, for an artist to join ClearWater Artist Studios.


Studios in an Old Site

Renovations to the WaterWorks Building (1-2 large studios) and phase one of the Operations Building (including 12 studios and a 2,200 square foot gallery) were completed in Fall 2011. Phase two of the Operations Building, a 1,683 square foot studio/ workshop that is home to the Southern Piedmont Woodturners Association, was completed in January 2013. More info on renovations to come is on the 'About' page.


Private studios are a simple space the tenant must outfit; no two are alike. Prices are per square foot per year and vary, depending on studio size. As long as the rent sustains operating costs these studios will remain below market value as a means to 'incubate' the artistic economy while vitalizing Gibson Village and the City of Concord with creative activity. There is a waiting list.

All studios are treated as the artist's place of business and artists are thought of as a contributing sector of the local economy.


Unique Space

Each studio and common space maintains a unique industrial quality, reminiscent of the site's former uses. Wear and tear on the original concrete floors is still visible, but refined with a clear sealer. Ceilings in most studios are open to black exposed duct work and metal rafters.

Environmental sustainability is a priority for all renovations at ClearWater. Materials used include energy efficient windows, doors, insulation, restroom fixtures, and HVAC systems. 




Studio Lease Rates – 2017-18 Fiscal Year*:

*Lease rates are subject to change in any Fiscal Year, as approved by Concord City Council.

Sliding Fee Schedule – Artist Studio Leases:

Up to 250 sq ft - $5.50 per sq ft/year

251-600 sq ft - $5.25 per sq ft/year

601-1499 sq ft - $5.00 per sq ft/year

1500+ sq ft - up to $3.50 per sq ft/year


Basic Leasing Conditions

Artists Leasing studio space at ClearWater Artist Studios are juried-in, undergoing a review of their work according to Criteria defined by the ClearWater Artists Coalition (CAC), a consortium of tenant artists of which every leasing artist is automatically a member. As part of the jury process, applicant artists must answer a questionnaire that covers how serious they are about their art, as well as how they will contribute to the community of artists in the space, including helping produce CAC-hosted events and joint shows. All CW artists are also asked how they can help the space be accessible to the community at large. Most give classes or lessons in their studios.

Click on each to review Jury Criteria, Benefits/ Expectations of CW artists, and the Application Form. (You will need to download this and email it, to submit the form)

All CW leasing artists sign a lease from the City of Concord; and must hold a liability insurance policy for the duration of their lease. Additionally they must agree to abide by the Rules outlined in the Operations Manual. Access to studios for leasing artists is 24/7, with the understanding that each artist is jointly responsible for security and safety of the premises.

ClearWater Artists

in Their Spaces

Images of ClearWater Tenant Artists in Their Studios



Beyond Renting a Studio

There are other ways to access ClearWater as an artist even if you're not leasing a private studio; Guest Artist shows, Joining the ClearWater Artist Coalition (CAC) as an affiliate member, seminars for artists, teaching as a Guest Instructor, and opportunities for collaborations or Uncommon Interactions (you might end up proposing one!). See Our Space, Artists, Events, and Classes for more info. ClearWater offers community to all artists seeking it; visit Open Studios every 2nd Saturday, sign up for our newsletter to learn about open figure-drawing sessions and other artist- oriented events, and get involved!