At ClearWater Artist Studios – Concord, NC

General Day to Day—

Front Desk & Greet Visitors:

  •    Be a presence at Front Desk to welcome visitors, monitor;
  •    Answer Phone
  •    Computer work: internet research, database entry, editing, etc.;
  •    Other special task—(see below)
  •    Docent Guide (below)

Docent Guide to Visitors:

  •  Become knowledgeable about the artist(s) and artwork on display;
  •  Field tour requests, and/or lead drop-in visitors in guided tours of the current artwork on display; provide info and context.

Social Media for CW:

  •  Get familiar with our brand and online ‘flavor';
  •  Use your familiarity with a social media platform to keep ClearWater an active and interesting presence on it. (Post during your volunteer shift).

Some of our Fabulous Volunteers...



Ahead of the Event:

  •  Poster event announcements in the area;
  •  Help share on social media;
  •  Help design signage that can announce the Event;
  •  Translate Signage

At the Event:

  •  Help set up;
  •  Serve cake or other refreshments, and/or drinks (anyone serving alcohol must have ABC training and a background check);
  •  Monitor areas near exits;
  •  Help sell Raffle tickets, take donations, and/or sell T-Shirts or other items;
  •  Greet guests by the door, and count attendees with clicker;
  •  Help clean up.

Volunteers may work in 2-hour shifts so they will be able to relax and enjoy the festivities too; or, you can choose to work throughout!


Types of events ClearWater Artist Studios may hold:

  • Annual Sun Drop Pound Cake Portrait Paint-Off(Every February, or March; originated Feb. 7, 2015.  Usually attracts ~200 attendees.
  • Opening Receptions
  • Artist Talks / Slideshow or Video Presentations
  • Panel Discussions & Presentations
  • Intensive Art Workshops

Special Tasks (These can be merged with a ‘Day to Day’ shift at Desk):



Graphic Design/ layout for announcement graphics & publications


Video Projects; Camerawork, interviewing, editing and/or music selection.  Editing, especially!


Editing/ Layout of major documents, such as our Operations Manual, or Guest Teaching Policy. For anyone with a major or background in English, editing, and/or graphic design.


Photography—we rarely have enough time during an event to properly photograph or video; site shots or other photography welcomed, too.


Translation!  With a heavy percentage of Hispanic residents in the area, we need our posters, flyers and signage translated into Spanish, on an ongoing basis. 


Posting Posters & Flyers in the Physical Realm; This involves footwork!  Take our printed paper posters to as many doorways in Downtown Concord and other commercial areas as are willing to post them.  Usually timed 2-6 weeks ahead of an event; requires a volunteer ‘Postering Orientation’ beforehand.  Ideally, postering days will be coordinated; a large group meeting together, to then take sections of an area and report back at a pre-agreed time.  This breaks this task into manageable pieces. 1-2 hours per person per event.


Volunteer Coordinator; We could use someone really good with organization (and with people) to handle organizing our Volunteers! Either for a one-time event, or on an ongoing basis.


Fundraising— Eventually we aim to set up a non-profit, ‘Friends of…’ organization as our fundraising arm, so we can accept tax-deductible donations.  Volunteers with Capital Campaign and other fundraising/ development experience would be highly desirable.


Strategic Planning—ClearWater Artist Studios is owned and operated by the City of Concord, with limited staffing. Future developments may see it stay that way, or be rolled into a non-profit organization. It’s our goal, before the end of 2018, to form a Task Force and start a formal Strategic Planning process (something we’ll need Volunteers for!).