Indoor Space: our Main Gallery

The Gallery is a refinished space that once held heavy electrical machinery as the City’s Electrical Operations Center.  Stripes on the floor lay out spacing for these long-gone behemoths, lending historic layers of ambience.  Acoustics are great for music or conversation —the covered insulation overhead absorbs soundwaves. Exposed rafter rails allow for hanging decorative accents. Artist Studios surround the gallery. The entry lobby provides a colorful gathering space.

Square Feet: 2,249   Maximum Capacity: 205

Outdoor Spaces: Market, and Green

The large, outdoor sheltered ‘Market’ space is great for a variety of uses including sketch theatre, festival or market events, music and dancing. Its structural layers show the transformation of this campus from a rough industrial complex serving a former mill town, to a vibrant arts and cultural center. The interior height of this shelter with lighting and electricity, is roughly 20’. Width and depth are roughly 50’. It contains bird-repelling netting to keep the new cement floor reasonably clean.

The outdoor ‘Green,’ a gently-sloping lawn, is bordered by our facilities on one side and trees, a creek and greenway trail on the other (leading to Academy Recreation Center just two blocks away). The Green makes a lovely setting for weddings or formal celebrations, as well as informal festivals or recreational events. Its subsurface gravel beds near the parking lot are sturdy enough to support food trucks or other equipment. Surrounding our campus is a quiet neighborhood loaded with history.


Rent the Clearwater Main Gallery

Rental Rates are Hourly, on a sliding scale:

1-3hrs, $85/ hour ; (2-hr minimum)

4-6 hrs, $80/hour

7 hrs or more , $75/hour


Refundable Cleaning Deposit: $175

If you want to hang your own art or have bare walls:  Artwork Exhibit Takedown Fee (optional): $200

Main Gallery rental rate includes use of the space for up to 205 people. Rental includes simple track lighting, 1 staff person on site, a podium with microphone, use of our small kitchen (sink and fridge, no oven or range) and/or use of our rectangular folding tables and folding chairs. We have 13 tables: 7, 8-foot, and 6, 6-foot. 50 chairs. Renters may add decorations with approval of the CW Manager.  We can recommend local vendors for additional needs.

Rent the Clearwater Market or Green

Rental Rates are per half-day:

Half day (4-6 hours): $250*

Full day (6-10 hrs) $500*

Refundable Cleaning Deposit: $175


Porta- Jon rental fee: $100/per (1 minimum required); Clearwater/ City of Concord will arrange.

*If using BOTH the Market space and Green, fees double

Outdoor spaces rental rate also includes use of our tables & chairs, subject to limitation if a coinciding indoor event has reserved them first.  Estimated attendance numbers will be approved on case-by-case basis. Special requirements apply for any alcohol served outdoors. CW reserves the right to require hiring of security, and/or rental of a porta-potty by the Renter if Management feels it is warranted.


Availability/ Times:

Please note that events hosted by CW, prior reservations, and/or classes programmed in our space may limit availability. Also, for any event on a weekend, advance inquiries are strongly encouraged to ensure staff availability. 


Parties: 5 pm to 1 am

Corporate meetings / quieter events may be held during business hours.


Saturday - 8am to 1am, or any time/ fragment between.

Sunday - 12pm to 1am, or any time/fragment between.

                       (exceptions/ other times granted on case-by-case basis)


Please contact us if you would like more information on our spaces and availability: email or call 704-784-9535

You may fill out the contact form below, and/or go to our Facility Use Request form, fill it out and print/ email it back to

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