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Flow Painting - With Kat Wyllie

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Flow Painting:

NOTE - $35 FEE AT DOOR Please disregard the 'Free' status automatically listed by Eventbrite. The $35 fee will be collected at the door. (Cash, Check or Charge). Please arrive early in order to process payments, so we can start on time. We advise looking over the Campus Area Site Plan on our website ('Our Space' page) prior to coming here, as our multiple buildings and doorways can make it confusing to find the Main Entrance. Parking is free, in three different lots, also shown on the site plan. Thanks!

See the other online Event Pages for this class: FaceBook (great for updates and photos!) - Eventbrite

Class Description (2-hours, casual, no art experience needed- strictly fun!):

Painting is a skill that anyone can learn. However, painting is *the best skill* that can introduce a new skill of going with the flow. When we are learning how to paint, we make mistakes and, like in life, we must learn how to make those painting mistake make sense -- we need to give them a reason to be there. 

In this new type of painting class, learn from painting teacher and ClearWater Art Studios Resident artist, Katlyn Wyllie (@Painting.W.Perspective) how to recognize anxiety when painting and how to start to overcome your negative thoughts. Learn to love what you make. Relax... and learn to let go and go with the flow.

The $35 fee will be collected at the door.

BYOB is allowed - non-alcoholic, or beer and wine only, for personal consumption only (sharing extends only to a couple that arrives together; no group shares, as per NC ABC regulations.) Anyone overly intoxicated, or in posession of hard liquor will be shown the door.

Bringing your own snacks, is fine too (please nothing too smelly!)

Class will go forward regardless of how many students show up.

Call 704-784-9535 with any questions, or email